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"Everyone knows about Boogiepop: meet her one dark night and you are taken. "

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I have Bipolar Disorder and OCD. I love all things Morbid and Horror related. I'm really into Psycohlogy. I am OBSESSED with Anime. I Love Fetish Art. Messy Stench, Ugly Shyla, and Jessicka(Jack Off Jill) are my Idols.

alone, angeleek, anger, animal print, anime, appearence, art, azumanga daioh, babydoll dresses, beauty, being gyaru, bloody art, body issues, body modifications, bruises, cake, cat eye glasses, cat girls, clothing, club kids, creepy dolls, crying, cyber fashion, dark art, deco-den, dogs, drag queens, drawing, dyed hair, egg magazine, elegant gothic lolita, elfen lied, euphoria, eurobeat, eurodance, extensions, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fashion, flashbacks, fluffy animals, fruits, gals, ganguro, gin, gothic lolita, graphic art, graphic novels, gyaru, hard trance, hate, hello kitty, hime gyaru, hitting, horror, horror movies, hyper techno, hyper trance, i ::heart:: nyquil, insane make-up, inuyasha, invader zim, j-fashion, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese fashion, japanese films, jesus diamante, jpop, jrock, kawaii, kigurumi, kimurin, knives, koda kumi, kogals, lipstick, lolita fashion, make-up, makeup, manba, manga, mental health, mental hospitals, mental illness, mental wards, messy stench, music, nail art, nails, neko coneko, nurse witch komugi, obsession, panda eyes, panda make-up, para para, parapara, photography, piercings, platform shoes, platforms, pocky, princess style, purikura, reading, red lipstick, riot grrrls, roco nails, sadness, saints, sanrio, scars, self harm, self mutilation, self-help, sewing, shibuya 109, singing, skulls, skulls and bats, southern comfort, stickers, strawberry soy milk, super eurobeat, super lovers, sushi, tadakichi, tattoos, the mars volta, the smiths, tiara, tokyo, trance, v-log, vodka, water-only, white eyeliner, white make-up, white nail polish, white zombie, yamanba, you tube, zombies, 日本 street fashion